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Oasis 1.2T Open High-Field MRI

Keeps them as comfortable as possible and delivers high performance and diagnostic confidence.

OASIS Has PACT™ Patient Active Comfort Technology

Comfortable patient table

Patient area lighting

Intercom system

Music system

With a 1.2T vertical field magnet, it delivers the same image quality as a 1.5T

The Oasis Open Design

Allows contact with family/friend throughout the exam

Easier to position/observe pediatric, difficult and infirm patients

Areas of Expertice

Orthopedic Imaging Advantages

  • Dedicated orthopedic imaging coils for high image quality
  • RF Fat Saturation benefits from easy placement of anatomy at isocenter
  • Water Excitation sequences for cartilage imaging
  • RADAR motion free imaging
  • Heavy T2 weighting (bright fluid) with reduced scan time
  • MR arthrograms benefit from excellent RF fat suppression

Uniform fat suppression is realized through RF fat saturation and water excitation methods for all orthopedic applications

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Neurological Imaging Advantages

  • Dedicated neuro imaging coils for high image quality
  • RADAR for motion free imaging
  • Large 45cm FOV (all axes)
  • Fat Suppression – RF Fat saturation, Fast STIR, Water Excitation
  • Diffusion Weighted Imaging
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Vascular Imaging Advantages

  • MRA benefits from 100 T/m/sec slew rate
  • VASC™ Non contrast MRA - peripheral MRA for patients with renal insufficiency
  • TRAQ™ - Time resolved MRA
  • FLUTE™ Fluoro triggering - consistent arterial phase capture
  • PEAKS™, RPEAKS, TPEAKS: Centric k-space ordering techniques
  • Ensure easy, consistent capture of the critical arterial phase
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Abdomen and Pelvis Advantages

  • RAPID™ parallel imaging Torso/Abdomen coil for fast scanning while maintaining excellent SNR
  • Maximum patient accommodation - 2 sizes of flex coils and T/R body coil
  • RADAR™ free breathing acquisition
  • In/Out of phase multi-echo Gradient Echo technique
  • TIGRE™ for outstanding dynamic liver and breast imaging
  • Excellent large FOV fat suppression for up to 45 cm single scan
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Breast Imaging Advantages

  • Implant integrity evaluation
  • Pathology detection
  • MR Guided Biopsy – medial and lateral
  • Comfortable scan
  • Analysis tools – time/intensity curves
  • CAD compatibility
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